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Grand Canyon Coffee Whole Bean


Grand Canyon Coffee. Medium Roast, Whole Bean, 8oz, 227Grams. 

This medium roast is a European style espresso with a 3-bean blend from three different countries, all together, traveling close to 17,000 miles to create that taste in your cup.  One adds body and richness, another for deep chocolate notes and the last adds citrus notes. All together provides a bright dry sensation, crisp and sharp with a thickness feeling on your tongue. Roasted in California, U.S.A.

The coffee's acidity of bright dry sensation with crispness and sharpness is medium, and the body mouthfeel coating or thickness feeling to the mouth is above medium.

At the National Parks Coffee Company, we are mindful of reducing energy consumption and our carbon emissions offset to benefit local communities, the great outdoors, and wildlife.

With your purchase, a percentage of sales supports our National Parks and COFFEE & CAUSE™ programs. A FREE collectible sticker is included.

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