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Frequently Asked Questions


Our coffee beans come from sources all around the world, they include; Central America, South America, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Africa.  Specifically, Huehuetenango-Guatemala, Honduras, Oaxaca-Mexico, Yirgacheffe-Ethopia, Kona-Rain Forest, Rwanda-Africa, Santander-Columbia, and Andradas-Brazil.  Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world. Coffee plants require a certain climate to produce outstanding green coffee beans. These regions with the best climate for growing coffee are typically close to the equator.  The combination of green beans, based on the season, the farmers and region they were grown, the coffee roaster's experience, equipment and system, all play a role in providing amazing craft coffee. Coffee beans may be a combination of Robusta and Arabica.  When you visit our online store, each coffee product is described with a few more details.

Yes, Fair Trade. Our coffee is purchased from dealers/agents/brokers that represent Certified Fair Trade and Ethically Sourced coffee beans. This means the coffee co-operative farms are small families or village farms are paid a fair value for their green coffee beans.  When you visit our online store, each coffee product is described with a few more details.

Yes. Our 12+ years experienced and award winning coffee roaster is a USDA Certified Organic coffee bean roaster in San Diego, CA. It's probably one of the cleanest and well-organized roasting facilities in the craft coffee business.  The management overseeing these high standards holds a B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D in Microbiology.

We decided that the string and tab are additional uses of natural resources, consuming more energy, therefore, more wastes as the string and tab essentially are thrown away. We are taking a more innovative and eco-friendly approach to single serve coffee in which the packs can be submerged, then steep with a reusable utensil. If you have a desired taste, leave the coffee in your cup for 4 minutes or more.

COFFEE & CAUSE™ Non-Profit Programs for Fundraising

Is your non-profit organization, school, church or movement looking to fundraise? Contact our COFFEE & CAUSE™ program team member by using our Contact Us page. Please provide a brief description about your CAUSE.


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We only ship in the USA. All orders ship from a central distribution center; therefore, shipping costs differ slightly depending which Shipper used. Or, free with a minimum buy.

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