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September 24, 2020 3 min read

Perhaps you’ve explored the regions of France and know the perfect red wine to pair to your cheese, maybe you know a great craft beer to compliment a juicy burger, but today you will learn the perfect roasts of coffee to pair with incredibly delicious trail snacks. Second to the views, the best part of exploring a national park, climbing up a trail, or adventuring through a new landscape is the snacks along the way.

Waking up for a sunrise or conquering a mountain during an 8 hour hike requires a lot of energy. With a cup of coffee and the perfect accompanying snack, you will feel incredible on any outdoor adventure. 

National Parks Coffee Collection

For the early bird wake up call:

Your alarm is set, Zion’s intense colors are calling your name, and you’re ready to watch the dreamy orange sunrise filled with Utah’s rich hues. To be a pleasant morning bird, brewing a cup of  Zion inspired coffee will be the perfect way to start the day strong with notes of roasted walnuts, green apple, and cocoa. This blend will offer you a heavenly taste while you enjoy heavenly views. This roast has a sweet and complex flavor, with a subtle smoky finish. Pair this coffee with an Almond Butter Perfect Bar for an impeccable flavor experience. The nutty hues in the coffee will blend beautifully with the honey roasted almonds in the bar. Perfect Snacks offer an amazing early morning pick me up to keep you going the entire day with high protein, clean ingredients and no preservatives. 

For the intense hiking, mountain biking, or climbing adventure:

If you plan on hiking to see the colossal Yosemite Falls, or perhaps you want to attempt climbing El Capitan, or maybe you want to bike the gorgeous valley, regardless of your adventurous itinerary, being well energized is crucial. Start your adrenaline-filled day with a deep breath and a steaming cup of coffee. Yosemite’s National Park Coffee will provide a crisp flavor with notes of dried fruit, cocoa caramel, and wild berries that will thrill your tastebuds. Pair this with a  Red Raspberry Energy Gel for the perfect energy booster for any long day adventures. Muir Energy’s 4 ingredient gels will keep you fueled throughout the day and ready to conquer any adventure.

For the afternoon view break:

After a day of adventuring through a national park, sit back, relax, brew a cup of coffee and enjoy the views. Drive up to Artist’s Point in Yellowstone, embrace the views of the incredible canyon, and sip on some Yellowstone inspired coffee. The rich flavors milk chocolate, animal crackers, and Yogi’s peanut butter will come to life while enjoying the inspiring colors of this national park. Match the peanut butter goodness with a  Rickaroons Peanut Butter Protein bar. The bar has a nutty flavor with hints of dark chocolate and a bunch of protein to keep you full all afternoon. This combo will keep you energized and ready to continue exploring!

For the sunset picnic:

Nothing sounds dreamier than a stroll through Joshua Tree at sunset with a cup of coffee in hand. Settle down from a busy day with a relaxing warm drink.  Joshua Tree’s inspired coffeeembodies the flavors of the desert with hints of cactus flower, honey dew, and lemongrass. Sipping on this delicious roast will electrify your desert getaway and pairing it with a  Bear Bar will offer the perfect combo for a satisfying sunset snack. Bear Bar’s lemony flavor will pair perfectly with your coffee, and you will feel great snacking on this 6 ingredient bar. Vegan, non GMO, and gluten free, you’ll feel awesome after eating this high power protein bar.

Feeling unprepared on a hike or exhausted because of a lack of energy can completely ruin an incredible place, so be prepared with bringing the perfect snack and always being stocked with a great cup of coffee. Fuel your adventures, enjoy the views, and feel like an adventure pro with the perfect munchies to pack along the way.