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Our Company Culture, Ethos & Core Values at The NATIONAL PARKS COFFEE COMPANY®

* Integrity In Action

* The Modern Outdoors

* Everyone Wins

We are advocating Accessibility, Awareness of the Outdoors, and National Parks Education.






The story of National Parks Coffee Company® (NPCC) - 

Between 2018 and 2020, National Parks Coffee Company founder and CEO Ray Hivoral (Linkedin Profile here) with his 12-year-old English Lab, Jack, by his side VanLife’d it north along the coast of California. They traveled through the redwood forest and the peaks of Yosemite. They swam in Lake Tahoe, played, viewed the snow-capped mountains of Sedona, Arizona, and lounged under the bright stars of Joshua Tree. During their trip, Ray decided he wanted to support the parks he and Jack came to know and love.  

While Ray was back home in San Diego, California, during the 2019 federal shutdown that placed park rangers on furlough, parks all over the U.S. were left in disrepair from abusive visitors. An experienced entrepreneur, Ray used his inventiveness to be awarded the trademark for National Parks Coffee.

Motivated with his purpose, Ray created a new standard with an eco-conscious company that satisfies the thirst of craft coffee lovers, pairing them with the names of the national parks. The company sets aside a percentage of sales to support national parks when they need it. The mixture of technology and coffee provides a fundraising system that benefits local nonprofits through donations so they can afford to deliver services to underserved communities. Ray proudly states that with this business model,“Everyone Wins,” which happens to be one of the three core values and part of the company’s ethos.


Coffee Production

Since the 15th century, coffee has been a popular commodity, used by civilizations for all kinds of intimate and social gatherings, like the “breaking of bread” before a meeting, negotiation, or general conversation. Today, Ray envisions coffee as the source of fundraising for accessibility, the outdoors and national parks education in cities across the U.S.

A lifelong connoisseur, Ray wanted to launch a coffee roasting and distribution company. Instead of starting from scratch, he presented his idea to a *organic coffee bean roaster in San Diego, California. “I wanted to get to work on my idea, I want to keep and create more jobs, and work with a variety of nonprofits throughout the U.S. that directly support people in their communities that rely on them,” Ray says.

*Note current markings on the existing coffee bag labels are not official seals for Fair Trade or USDA Certified Organic since NPCC does not own or manage the current coffee roasting facility and holds no certifications, while the actual coffee roaster may hold such certificates.  The NPCC eCommerce marketplace plans to curate a variety of coffee related products and coffee from a variety of U.S. based artisan specialty coffee roasters.

Community Involvement

A native of San Diego, Ray graduated from San Diego State University. He has experience working in the nonprofit world by providing impactful results and leveling the playing field with access to capital and financial literacy. At his day job, Ray helped develop, manage, and deliver a successful loan capital program with the City of San Diego. He played another role as a Sr. Business Advisor for the CDC Small Business Finance (CDCSBF), a mission-based lender that provides much-needed capital to underserved communities for small business loans. During COVID-19, the CDCSBF loaned emergency funds of $178M+ to over 3,330 small businesses in the U.S.

National Parks Coffee Company uses technology and coffee as an “Everyone Wins” donation system to give back to underserved communities. Ray calls their fundraising program COFFEE AND CAUSE™.  The program supports communities on their playing field by providing what they need and integrates national park educational tracks. Through COFFEE AND CAUSE™, National Parks Coffee Company can educate and promote national parks to disadvantaged communities and nurture inclusion and diversity. Ray dreams that, post-COVID-19, this will include taking kids and adults on camping trips to national parks, funded by COFFEE AND CAUSE™. 

Environmental Awareness

In 2020, during COVID-19, National Parks Coffee Company is introducing a compostable and biodegradable or 100% recyclable single-serve coffee packaging. Six single-serve, unwrapped coffee packs with no string or tab attached, all contained in a recyclable, reusable bag. 

The company decided that the string and tab are unnecessary uses of natural resources, consuming more energy and waste, as they are thrown away after use. They decided to take a more innovative, environmentally friendly approach. Drinkers submerge and steep the coffee pack with a reusable utensil, or leave it in their travel tumbler to their desired taste.

National Parks Coffee Company aims to protect the global and local environment, people, and wildlife by reducing their waste, energy consumption, and carbon footprint. All these efforts translate into better quality and more savings for customers. With each iteration, National Parks Company Coffee creates new ways to break away from the norm and develop or market eco-conscious coffee products and amazing speciality craft coffee experiences.