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October 30, 2020 3 min read

How to be an Awesome Ambassador for the Outdoors 

This past summer, campsites have been fully booked, 1000’s of RVs rented, national parks flooding with visitors, and the word is out: the outdoors is the absolute best place to be. As more people enjoy nature, it’s important to think about what it means to be a great outdoor ambassador. Enjoying the outdoors not only means cleaning up and protecting the land, inviting others to create an inclusive space, but additionally becoming an advocate for the precious environment.

We’ve compiled a list of best practices for keeping the outdoors a clean, safe and inclusive place for all! As an outdoors fanatic, take pride in taking impactful steps for not only protecting nature, but increasing other people’s awareness too.


Here are our three tips for being the best outdoor ambassador that you can be:

  • Get Educated and Get Voting
  • Understanding how fragile the outdoors are, the detrimental effects of global warming and climate change, and learning about how policy can help slow down these issues is of huge importance. If you are actively enjoying the outdoors, you should additionally be actively fighting to protect it. With various non profits, volunteer opportunities, and policies to vote for, it’s the very least we can do as adventurers to try to protect these lands. Getting involved in environmental action will not only connect you to awesome like minded people, but might be the reason lands will be preserved for future generations.

    If you’re looking for a good place to start,  POW or Protect Our Winters is an incredible non profit that is focused on slowing down the harmful impacts of climate change and has many chapters across the US. With a motto of “Your Passion for the Outdoors Can Help Save It,” this group encourages outdoor lovers to use that enthusiasm towards policy change.

  • Be Inclusive and Invite Others
  • The freeing feeling of sitting over an epic panoramic view, or hiking up the side of a glacier, or seeing the most insane stars of your life isn’t something that we should be experiencing solo. Inviting others to join on these incredible outdoor adventures will not only promote inclusion, but encourage diversity. The outdoors community can seem like an exclusive activity but in reality nature should be shared and enjoyed by all. Minority groups in the outdoor world have been severely underrepresented and now is the time to make everyone feel like they can climb a mountain. 

    While there are tons of incredible non profits and groups to join that support diversity and inclusion, we recommend checking out  Melanin Base Camp. Donating to this group will not only promote diversity in the outdoors, but give this incredible organization the resources to invite POC to enjoy the outdoors. In addition to a promise to #diversifyoutdoors , their website is full of amazing content to gain perspective and learn best practices to include others in nature.

  • Be A Sustainable Traveler and Clean Up
  • Going into the outdoors can be intimidating because some activities require lots of gear, but in reality being a minimal shopper in your outdoor adventures will not only help the environment but also keep costs low. Buying used gear, researching what you're buying and what materials are going into your gear, and looking for anyways to travel to the outdoors sustainably will be helpful in the long run. Trashing a campsite with your leftovers is what ruins some of nature’s most beautiful locations. Ensure you are cleaning up, reducing your plastic use, and finding ways to limit your carbon footprint. Always turn to resources like park rangers and websites to keep up to date on fire bans and best camping practices.  

    If you want to gain knowledge on how to promote sustainable and clean travel, we recommend becoming a member of  Leave No Trace or attending their clean up events. This group emphasizes how to enjoy nature while keeping it pristine for future visitors. This group promotes keeping the outdoors clean for all and maintaining precious trails for everyone to enjoy.


    If you absolutely love the outdoors, you should not only fight to protect it, invite others to join in the fight, and help keep the lands you enjoy clean and free of damage. Being an outdoor ambassador means including others, sharing your knowledge, and enjoying the stunning landscapes with a team of environmental activists by your side. 

    What is your favorite way to be a positive force in the outdoor community?  Let us know and comment on our Facebook and Instagram @NationalParksCoffee