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August 03, 2020 5 min read


Joshua Tree National Park Hipster 


With a stunningly beautiful landscape, it is quite easy to find yourself indulging in the natural beauty of Joshua Tree National Park for hours on end. Whether you are someone looking for national parks with tranquility, self-peace, a park filled with adventure, or just a good getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Joshua Tree National Park is definitely the place to go. With being only one out of many national parks in the state of California, Joshua Tree National Park has lots of charm and captivating views to deliver to many who come visit, and there are several entrances you can take to enter the park itself. Just always make sure you check out all of your options before entering Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree National Park is considered an American national park located in southeastern California, just east of both San Bernardino and Los Angeles. When you do decide to visit the national park, you can find several convenient entrances in which to enter the park. Besides the west entrance near the visitors center, you will also find a convenient northern-side entrance as well as a south entrance to the park. In order to fully enjoy this beautiful park with the sparsest group of visitors, simply visit Joshua Tree National Park throughout the midweek.

Do not forget to check out the Indian Cove Nature Trail while you visit the national park. This walking trail is one of the overall best around to fully enjoy the park's natural fauna and flora. Officially known as Yucca brevifolia, the Joshua tree is better known as just "Joshua Tree." The 0.6 mile-long path known as the Indian Cove nature trail is easily accessible directly from the east end of the park, surrounded by big boulder formations. If you're lucky, you may just catch a view of a roaming bighorn sheep or even a desert tortoise.


Yes, Joshua Tree National Park also offers visitors exciting and fun rock climbing at Echo Cove too. With well-over 8,000 known climbs and a variety of different rock formations, this desert-beauty park is a rock climbers dream! At Echo Cove, you will have many great routes for both advanced climbers and newsy climbers alike. Want some excitement hiking giant rocks? Well, as long as you keep safety first and fun second, you are welcome to come to hike the giant boulders located on the Arch Rock Trail of Joshua Tree National Park. The 30-foot tall Arch Rock is very accessible, thanks to a little half a mile outback trail beginning just outside the White Tank Campground and the Twin Tanks parking area. It's good to know that they do not allow parking inside the campgrounds, for the trail itself. This is truly a National Park just right for resting and relaxation!

 Joshua Tree National Park Stars


Grand Canyon National Park  


Are you a national park hipster? A nomadic travel junkie? Well, maybe you just enjoy traveling around to different national parks, taking in all of the visually heavenly beauty the parks have to offer. Whatever the case is for your wild ventures out into the great blue yonder of the world, Grand Canyon National Park is sure to spark your interest. After 100 glorious years as a breathtaking national park and centuries as a natural geological phenomenon, the American icon known as Grand Canyon National Park continues to excite many who come from far and near visiting and exploring the national park. Grand Canyon National Park is as astonishing as ever before! The inspiring canyon is basically an inverted, 6,000-foot mountain range with beautiful vistas that seem to multiply with each and every turn you take.

Grand Canyon National Park Meditation

This 277-mile-long canyon hosts sheer stone walls where you can find amazing turquoise-colored streams aggressively gushing out of the natural rust-red cliffs through the various travertine pools of water. Are you eager to hit one of the adventurous trails of Grand Canyon National Park and explore the beauty and nature it has to offer? Ready to gear up for a good hiking challenge? Then get ready to walk the 18.4 mile-long trek from the Bright Angel Trail directly to the Bright Angel campground. This is a heavily-trafficked out and back trail situated right next to Grand Canyon, Arizona. The long trail provides a gorgeous river and is primarily used for deep hikes, avid camping, and backpacking. The trail is best walked from September up until May. Maybe, you are someone who is more up for a trail with fewer miles to hike but would want to keep the heavenly views of the canyon. No worries there!

The Grand Canyon Rim Trail is only a 5.4-mile out and back trail situated near the Grand Canyon itself, and features natural wildflowers and is a great trail for beginners as well as advanced hikers. This trail is mainly used for walking and is open to the public all year-round. Something to note, If you do decide to bring your four-legged friend, dogs are required to be kept on a leash at all times on the trail. The Grand Canyon Rim Trail is conveniently marked and lined with markers in order to allow you to see just how far you have journeyed. This trail is great for both kids and adults alike so you don't have to worry about walking 20 miles.


The rich history of the Grand Canyon National Park land dates back literally 10,500 years ago when the very first traces of human presence was actually found in the area. The Native Americans had populated the magnificent Grand Canyon land as well as the area covered by the national park itself, many years ago. The Cinchona natives had also inhabited the canyon region at one time until a major drought had likely made them all move on. For locale information, The Grand Canyon National Park is located in the northwest area of the state of Arizona, right next to the borders of both Utah and Nevada. The state of Arizona has many national parks just like Grand Canyon National Park, happily welcoming many who want to come and explore the Canyon adventures. 


There is something absolutely heavenly about walking into the Sequoia National Park, is surrounded by groves and groves of some of the tallest living trees in the world! The gorgeous Coast Redwood trees grow in a narrow line right along the Californian coast from the southwestern area of the state of Oregon.

Many national park enthusiasts seeking a great mountain lodge getaway will love Sequoia National Park's Bearpaw High Sierra Camp. Nestled 11.5 miles deep within the Sequoia National Park's wilderness near the Great Western Divide, high on top of a 7,800-foot granite saddle. After you decide to experience the beautiful Bearpaw High Sierra Camp area and hike, you will surely go home with joyful alpine memories. Bearpaw High Sierra Camp is available to customers from June up to September. From comfortable mountain lodges to warm, tent cabins hidden among several thick trees, there is absolutely nothing quite like waking up early to the mysteriously enchanted Sequoia National Park. For those wishing to visit Sequoia National Park, June up to August is when you will find the weather the most stable. Sequoia National Park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all-year-around.

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