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December 21, 2020 4 min read

 In the winter, spring, summer, or fall, explore the incredible and awe-inspiring national parks! You’ve made a daring decision to be an adventurous badass and explore nature’s finest, and now you must plan what to bring! Every national park is completely unique and may require a specific packing list, but we’ve created an all inclusive inventory of things that will make a good trip completely extraordinary.  Prepare your trip based on the seasonal weather and congested months of the year where a lot of people have the same idea of visiting our beloved National Parks.

Planning a trip to a National Park is always a special experience. Entering an untouched area of nature evokes a feeling of deep appreciation for the outdoors, and further inspires people to want to protect it. Make your trip especially exceptional by planning ahead! Here is our list of must haves for every trip to ensure an unforgettable trip!

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National Park Pass:  You’ve made the decision. You want to dedicate your year to exploring the great outdoors and saving money is always a plus. Investing in a National Park Pass is a must if you expect to visit more than one park in a year. With this purchase you have all access to multiple parks across the country and it’s good for a full year! This pass is a great first step to dedicating your year to adventures and fun in National Parks.

Delicious  Coffee:  Some of the most epic moments in National Parks require early mornings, and nothing is better to start off the day than a cup of high quality coffee. If someone doesn’t have their daily dose of caffeine,  it may be hard to focus on your incredible surroundings and may hinder the full potential of the National Park experience. Keep the vibes in check with National Park Coffee Co. This is the perfect solution and a must for any National Park visit. With flavors inspired by each park, you can match your surroundings with your daily cup of Joe. With eco friendly packaging, easy to use brewing, and rich flavors, this is a must for any trip!

A Camera:Even though you can Google hundreds of compiled photos of all of the parks, capturing the experience for yourself is crucial to creating your own personal memories. While phones have incredible cameras now, a disposable or a film camera can be a fun alternative to staying in the moment. This Etsy  shop  sells old vintage film cameras which is a sustainable way to shop and a great hobby to practice with a national park as your main focus.

Offline Maps: With limited service in many parks, downloading maps ahead of time is an awesome way to not blow through your cell data. Pinning places you want to visit ahead of time can create an effortless navigation experience and limit stress during the actual national park visit. 

A Rockin Playlist: There is no feeling better than cruising through a national park listening to one of your favorite songs. Again, with limited service be sure to download some offline playlists so that you can truly feel like you’re in a movie. Press your face to the window, play some road trip jams, and soak up the incredible views that national parks offer.

A Cozy Blanket: Whether you’re camping for a night or living in a van full time, a well-loved blanket is always a necessity to make your on-the-road travels feel like home. These beautifully designed  blankets  are the perfect addition to your travels. Each blanket is sustainably made from excess scraps and hand woven into beautiful designs in Mexico.

A Sturdy Pack: Bopping through Yellowstone’s Geysers, hiking up to Emerald Lake in RMNP, or gazing up at El Capitan in Yosemite, you are going to want an awesome day pack for all of your adventures. Osprey’s  packs  are known for their incredible durability, comfort, and come in a range of styles and colors. You can feel great about rocking an Osprey because of their sustainable materials and their “Our Might Guarantee Repairs” to fix any problems.

Leave No Trace Mentality: Probably the most important part of visiting a National Park is to keep it as pristine, if not better, than when you arrived. Continuing to protect these beautiful lands and out of world experiences stems from being a responsible visitor. This mentality means leaving nothing behind, taking nothing but photos, and respecting the wildlife in each park. An awesome selfie is great, but if you’re risking your own life or walking on lands that are not for visitors, you are directly hurting the parks. So, be respectful, enjoy the incredible views, and have an awesome trip!

You can feel like a seasoned national park pro with this packing list and fully immerse yourself into nature’s most glorious spots. Grab your coffee, download your map, blast some of your favorite tunes and get ready to have an amazing trip!