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July 24, 2020 3 min read

With VanLife being all the rage today, it's no surprise that people are looking to take advantage of America's most beautiful National Parks to live the nomad lifestyle to the very fullest. Many creative spirits find that being closer to the natural majesty and wonder of U.S. National Parks helps to stimulate the creative process by providing inspiration and serenity to accomplish more and be their very best. Fortunately, a number of appealing options exist for those who prefer living in a van and staying on the move to get their thrills out of life.

VanLife And Being A Digital Nomad, Don’t Regret Not Doing It

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Yosemite National Park is a top option for backpackers and digital nomads of every kind, with scenic drives along Glacier Point Road and a stop to see the towering giant sequoias at Mariposa Grove. These are just a few of the natural wonders you'll appreciate at Yosemite, with streams and trees nestled into mountains that are situated within the mild California climate. Springtime is the perfect season to visit, and you'll have fun viewing wildlife and waterfalls while opting to take a break while mountain biking if you so choose. The numerous options and free-range qualities of Yosemite help make it a strong option for nomads and VanLife enthusiasts who want to see the best of nature up close.

A trademark destination, Yellowstone National Park is America's first national park and features iconic sights that include the Upper Geyser Basin with its world-famous Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring showcasing outstanding views, and nearby Firehole Road with scenic areas you can drive along or get out and walk for an even more personal experience. Populated with waterfalls, dense forests, and untold areas to explore and discover, it's hard to run out things to do at one of America's most respected and visited national parks. It does remain quite busy though, so planning on the appropriate time for visiting and choosing less inhabited areas to spend time in are wise strategies for getting a more intimate and tranquil experience that digital nomads and van-goers are looking for.

Making its home within the gorgeous Guadalupe Mountains National Park, the Carlsbad Caverns offer digital nomads plenty to enjoy with the added benefit of keeping you dry from any inclement weather. Don't miss one of the 90-minute guided ranger tours that allow you to encounter a truly unforgettable moment of pristine beauty within view of the King's Palace. If guided tours aren't your preference, you can opt for a self-guided journey for an hour or two throughout a well-known feature that lives up to its name, the "Big Room". The towering walls and exquisite caverns are unlike anything else found in nature and are sure to be a hit with visitors both young and old.

Wherever you decide to travel, few locations for getting sunshine and relaxation can compare to the varied terrain, thriving wildlife, and unmatched landscapes of some of the best U.S. National Parks. Enjoy life on your own terms as you make your quest into nature's finest arenas and experience life without boundaries or deadlines. Digital nomads will find plenty of options for staying productive as they make life-long memories, and those living in a van can drive across some of the world's most gorgeous highways and choose their next direction as they please. U.S. National Parks truly make for an astounding experience those on the move will appreciate for their ability to bring the best nature has to offer into a place they can touch, feel, and see for themselves.

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