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French Press Steel Toe Tumbler with Bru-Stop™ Obsidian Textured Grey 20fl.oz


20oz. Our dual-purpose Tumbler and French Press. Brew National Parks Coffee without the over brewing bitterness using Bru-Stop innovation.  Long-lasting coffee anytime, anywhere, and fresh tasting.

This National Parks Coffee French Press Insulated tumbler with superior durability, heat retention, and now the Bru-Stop™ press screen innovation, so your coffee will stay hot to warm for more than 30 minutes, fresh, and never bitter from over-brewed coffee.  And, no more replacing glass when you accidentally drop your french press. Enjoy French pressed coffee at home, the office, by the campfire, RV-ing and VanLife. 

How to use:  Remove the french press Bru-Stop system, place ground beans inside the tumbler for 20oz of coffee. Pour hot water, place the french press system onto the carafe leaving the handle fully extended, wait about 4 minutes, then slowly press down the press handle until fully depressed. Drink and enjoy your coffee!

  • REVOLUTIONIZED FRENCH PRESS - Brutrek's French Press made with superior durability & heat retention to maintain a hot pot of coffee for hours. Enjoy crafted coffee at home, office, or by a campfire
  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY - Bru-Stop ultra-fine mesh press screen technology halts the brewing process once pressed down to provide a flavorful, clean brew that will always taste fresh, never bitter
  • FUNCTIONAL & DURABLE - The double-walled, vacuum-insulated, 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel provides superior insulation and durability over traditional glass French Press models
  • UNIQUE CARAFE DESIGN - Non-skid rubber base, the tabletop French Press is perfect for brewing coffee, loose-leaf tea, maté, cacao, and more - anywhere from your kitchen to RV, campsite, or tailgate